UEFA and FIFA demand "ERADICATING" politics from Serbian football

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    UEFA and FIFA demand “ERADICATING” politics from Serbian football

    The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) have asked the Football Federation of Serbia (FSS) to appoint a new management based on democratic principles by mid-December, said Novica Toncev, an FSS official.

    According to RFE, on July 15, the Football Federation of Serbia adopted the new Draft Statute of the FSS, according to which state and party officials cannot simultaneously hold offices in football, and it submitted it for public discussion in the next month.

    If this document is adopted and implemented in practice, it would mean a big change in the local football organization, which has been accompanied by political staffing since its founding more than 100 years ago, especially in the last three decades.

    The Football Federation of Serbia, the organization that manages football in the country, has 3,087 clubs under its jurisdiction.

    Novica Toncev, who is also the SPS vice president and minister without portfolio in the Serbian government, told RFE that the recommendation was to harmonize the FSS Statute with the UEFA and FIFA statutes and to elect delegates in a democratic way, in accordance with the domestic Sports Law, which did not allow being elected to more than one office.

    “We want to get politics out of football. The UEFA Statute does not mention individuals, but it says that the state cannot interfere in the functioning of sports. Therefore, the institutions of the state, the Government, the Assembly, should not interfere in football,” said Toncev.

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