Vaccination in Serbia: ADVERSE REACTIONS in "only 12 cases"

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    Vaccination in Serbia: ADVERSE REACTIONS in “only 12 cases”

    Representative of the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency, Pavle Zelic, has stated that “only 12 cases” of adverse reactions to the coronavirus vaccine have been reported so far.

    Zelic, as a guest in the TV show Beogradska hronika on RTS TV, stated that these were Pfizer vaccines and that this was not unusual.

    He explained that that number did not include mild reactions such as redness, mild pain and minor swelling, but fever, malaise, headache and other symptoms that lasted for several days.

    “That is still not something that would worry us,” Zelic said.

    When asked if it was true that the vaccine should not be administered to people with strong immune responses, he answered that it referred to more severe responses of the body, such as shock, which required hospitalization.

    Izvor: RTS

    Foto: Beta/AP

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