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    Vesic announces Temple completion and new works in Belgrade

    Belgrade’s Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic has said that St. Sava Temple will be completed this year and the landscaping of the plateau in front of the Temple will begin. Vesic has announced on Pink TV that “150 new trees will be planted at the plateau, a fountain will be set up, and the seat of the Holy Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church will finally be reconstructed, where the patriarch will have his office, as planned back in the 1930s”. Vesic pointed out that St. Sava Temple, Kalemegdan and Skadarlija were three most visited places in Belgrade, and that they should be reconstructed. He also recalled that the reconstruction of Savski trg had started and that the works were progressing as planned. “Traffic will go around, along the edges, we will get a new pedestrian zone, the reconstruction of the facade and the roof of the former main railway station had already been completed, at the proposal of President Aleksandar Vucic a grand monument to Stefan Nemanja is being erected and 300 trees will be planted. Two metro lines will cross there and it will become the new central square in the city, and Belgrade will thus get more city centres, which is a feature of all major cities,” Vesic said. Vesic pointed out that more than a million foreign tourists visited Belgrade last year, that the city was being renovated section by section and that the citizens of Belgrade were getting the city they deserved. He pointed out that Karadjordjeva Street was an example of what it meant to change life in one part of the city, because it was full of noise and soot and it did not resemble a city street, and now facades, sidewalks had been reconstructed, truck traffic was forbidden. Vesic announced that the landscaping of the banks from Beton hala to Branko’s Bridge would be completed by 1 September and that the monument to Dijana Budisavljevic would be erected in that area.

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