VOICE: 200 workers dismissed from Vahali shipyard in Macvanska Mitrovica

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    VOICE: 200 workers dismissed from Vahali shipyard in Macvanska Mitrovica

    200 workers have been dismissed from the Dutch shipyard Vahali in Macvanska Mitrovica due to the reduced volume of work during the coronavirus pandemic, reports the Vojvodina Research and Analysis Center (VOICE). “According to my estimate, actually over 200 workers in production were dismissed and I think that about 150 remained. It is true that the volume of work was reduced when the health crisis started, but they easily dismissed so many people. If there was good will, they could revive their business again, but it seems to me that they were just looking for a suitable opportunity to reduce the number of workers,” said one of the dismissed people. The shipyard’s management told VOICE that the only reason for the dismissal was the reduced volume of work, the cancellation of orders from some customers, adding that they would not rehire the dismissed workers in the near future. When asked whether the management intended to take the state assistance, which was later granted to businessmen, they briefly answered that this option was not “considered”. The dismissed permanent workers received severance pay and advice to “look for something else”, reports VOICE, while those who were hired based on temporary employment contracts were paid the amounts of 60 percent of their salary until the date when their contracts were valid.

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