Vucic denies that 200,000 people lost their jobs: FICTION, we have 633 more people employed

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    Vucic denies that 200,000 people lost their jobs: FICTION, we have 633 more people employed

    During the state of emergency, 9,000 workers lost their jobs in Serbia, and 9,700 got new jobs, said President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, rejecting as untrue the allegations of the survey according to which 200,000 workers lost their jobs during the crisis. When asked to comment on the allegations from the survey of the SeConS Group for development initiative, which states that about 200,000 people lost their jobs in Serbia during the coronavirus pandemic and the state of emergency, Vucic asked journalists to explain what that group was, but he did not get a response. “You can present a survey tomorrow showing that four million people have lost their jobs… There are not that many people employed, but you can present such a survey. We have 633 more people employed, the same as France… Do you know what a high number 200,000 people are? ” Vucic asked. He said that the surveys were done according to Eurostat’s rules and that they needed to be serious. “Secons Group… Oh, the things that exist in our country… Show me where these people are. What actually happened is that it occurred to us to say something against someone and the worse thing we come up with the better off we will be. I know, and the idea that the Earth is flat has more supporters than the Secons Group,” said Vucic. According to a survey conducted by the SeConS development initiative group, about 200,000 people, i.e. eight percent of those who were employed, including the informally employed and self-employed, lost their jobs in Serbia in February this year.

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