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    “We ingest 4 GRAMS of plastic per week, which is the size of a credit card”

    Geneticist Miodrag Stojkovic has stated that microplastic is all around us – in water, soil, food…

    “A person ingests about four grams of plastic during the week, which is the size of a credit card,” says Stojkovic, adding that it can cause disorders in human organs, primarily in the heart, because there is no method of detecting plastic in human cells.

    The brain, testicles and spleen are also endangered, says the scientist.

    “It causes genetic disorders, which can lead to disorders in the heart, lungs, embryos, which we who deal with genetic disorders, i.e. embryo implantation, especially bear in mind. Pollution promotes every type of disease, whether it is a bacteriological or viral disease,” warns Stojkovic.

    “When we walk around the city, there is plastic all around us, and it is in the air that we breathe. The incidence of the disease we are familiar with, such as autism, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, has been on the rise in recent years, but we do not know what the cause is, so pollution is thought to be one of the causes, because the human body does not have the enzyme to digest all that plastic, thus we assume that it causes some diseases,” concludes the geneticist.


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