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    “We will pour a little more money”: Vucic announces ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE to the economy

    President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, has said that Serbia maintained the rate of public debt at 57% of GDP, and announced new measures that the state will take to help the economy. France, for example, is at 113% and Greece at over 200% of GDP, the president said as a guest in the RTS TV show Dnevnik. He said that the state would give one billion and 360 million euros to 12,000 companies in Serbia, and he mentioned assistance in the form of minimum wages for companies and one-time assistance to citizens in the amount of 100 euros. Vucic stated that 60 percent of the minimum wage would be paid to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises for the months of July and August in order to suppress the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Vucic also said that he had talked to Governor Jorgovanka Tabakovic about an additional moratorium on loans under certain conditions, both for individuals and companies, for at least two more months. “Today, we will pour a little more money,” says the president of Serbia. He said that pensioners and people who worked in the public sector could count on stable pensions and salaries. He also hopes for an increase in salaries and pensions, adding that the payment of taxes and contributions would be postponed for a month.

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